Continuing Education


International Student Safe Travel and Arrival Training

Canada is a great country and welcomes international students and visitors from many countries across the world. However, due to current COVID-19 pandemic, there are some important protocols that all the incoming international students must follow to ensure safety of travelers and the local community. As a responsible organization, Brookes College complies with Federal and …

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Applied Corporate Finance

Course Description Corporate finance has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. As new global markets open, there will be even more changes and expanding opportunities, which will affect the role of financial decision-makers. In this course, you will apply the fundamental concepts in corporate finance to a variety of areas in corporate finance, such as …

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Ethics & Workplace Skills

Course Description This foundational course introduces students to the business scenario analysis framework, which is the problem-solving approach used throughout the CPA program. The framework underscores the importance of business and accounting ethics. Other workplace skills are integrated into the course, with special attention given to communication, as students apply the framework to various scenarios …

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Introduction to Corporate Finance

Course Description This course presents a comprehensive and detailed treatment of the theories, applications, and financial tools used in a corporate financial environment. The course emphasizes understanding, analyzing, and integrating financial information as an aid to making financial decisions. The course discusses the impact of interest rates, taxation, dividends, cash flow, and other business considerations …

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Introduction to Data Analysis

Course Description This course is an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistical techniques widely used in psychological research. This course introduces students to fundamental descriptive and inferential statistical techniques, emphasizing both conceptual and technical understanding of data analysis. Topics include, but are not limited to, displaying and summarizing data, measures of central tendency and variability, …

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Course Description Human behaviour is the result of a complex interaction between the individual person and his or her physical and social environment. This course examines selected knowledge about human behaviour and the use of knowledge to the individual. Students will learn how to better understand themselves and others and to use psychological theory and …

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Health & Safety in the Workplace

Course Description Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workers’ Compensation Act provide comprehensive rules that impose duties on employers and employees in worker health and safety matters. Workplace health and safety is a top priority for employers because of the high costs associated with on the job accidents (including lost time and production, workplace …

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Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Course Description Students critically identify and examine issues in diversity. Specifically, topics pertaining to inequality in various social settings, including but not limited to race, gender, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation. Incorporating social/legal explanations of diversity, students develop a clear understanding of the groups affected and the possible strategies of community empowerment.

Business Logistics Management

Course Description Examine the components and configuration of supply chains in support of marketing and retailing operations. Review the considerations for aligning the supply chain configuration to the overall marketing strategy. Analyze considerations for material sourcing, inventory management, distribution channel configuration, forecasting and supply network coordination, channel performance monitoring, technology applications and supply chain design options.

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