Human Services

Health & Safety in the Workplace

Course Description Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workers’ Compensation Act provide comprehensive rules that impose duties on employers and employees in worker health and safety matters. Workplace health and safety is a top priority for employers because of the high costs associated with on the job accidents (including lost time and production, workplace …

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College Success

Course Description Congratulations on your decision to attend college! For the great majority of college students, it really was your decision—not just an automatic thing to do. If you happen to be one of the few who just sort of ended up in college for want of anything better to do, the benefits of college will …

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Introduction to Sociology

Course Description Students will learn about major sociological theories, approaches and practical information in sociology as regarding human services, individuals and society. Students will be taught links and differences among the theories of sociology and how it relates to human interactions in this society. 

Introduction to Human Services

Course Description Students will explore the foundation of generalist human service work practice, as well required competencies in the human services field. Students will discuss the historical roots of the profession through an interactive class, examine essential components of ethical practice and problem- solving skills, evidence-based practices. Students will also learn interdisciplinary approaches and discuss …

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Working with Newcomers & Immigrants

Course Description This course develops a strong understanding of newcomers to Canada. History of newcomers to Canada is discussed. Students will learn major issues that newcomers experience, and how to effectively work with them to achieve a good life in Canada. Areas of emphasis in this will be on settlement, language learning as well as …

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Addiction, Mental Health & Treatment

Course Description This course provides students with information about the use and misuse of substances. Special emphasis will be placed on helping students develop an understanding of such topics as risk factors and protective factors for use/misuse of substances, models of assistance (change model stages, harm reduction model, abstinence model, motivational interviews, etc.), the links …

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Indigenous People & Culture

Course Description In this course, students will learn about Indigenous histories, policies, colonisation and oppression of Indigenous people, their culture today and before European settlements. Students will be exposed to vital waves of colonisation and oppression against Indigenous people and the effects of colonisation on them and the Canadian society today. Indigenous cultural approaches such …

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Case Management Skills

Course Description The student gains the basic skills and techniques necessary to properly communicate and basic case management skills, such as note-taking, incident reports, daily logs, care and treatment planning, follow up, as well as how to coordinate services needed for clients in care. Different settings of case management will be explored, as well as …

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Working with Vulnerable Population

Course Description This course will educate students on main vulnerable groups in Canada, such as children and adults in care, people with disabilities, elderly persons, homeless and minority people. Students will learn about different settings of vulnerable populations, how to work with these groups and skills and knowledge needed to effectively work in these settings …

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