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International Student Safe Travel and Arrival Training

Canada is a great country and welcomes international students and visitors from many countries across the world. However, due to current COVID-19 pandemic, there are some important protocols that all the incoming international students must follow to ensure safety of travelers and the local community. As a responsible organization, Brookes College complies with Federal and …

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Payroll Fundamentals II

Course Description This course is the third and final core payroll course in the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification program. Upon completion of Payroll Fundamentals II, you will be able to: Calculate organizational remittances to federal, provincial and third-party stakeholders; Prepare accounting documentation for payroll; Complete year-end documentation; Communicate all aspects of organizational remittances, accounting and year-end …

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Payroll Fundamentals I

Course Description This course is the second core payroll course towards the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification program, students learn how to apply payroll legislation and calculate individual pay. This includes all components of individual pay from remuneration, through deductions, to net pay for both regular and non-regular situations. Students will have the content and …

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Applied Corporate & Personal Taxation

Course Description Applied Personal and Corporate Taxation emphasizes the application of personal and corporate tax concepts in the preparation of tax returns for individual and corporate clients.  The purpose of this course is to produce a mid-level accountant with tax skills who can function in environments of low to mid-level complexity with low levels of …

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Applied Corporate Finance

Course Description Corporate finance has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. As new global markets open, there will be even more changes and expanding opportunities, which will affect the role of financial decision-makers. In this course, you will apply the fundamental concepts in corporate finance to a variety of areas in corporate finance, such as …

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Business Applications

Course Description This course requires students to apply the business scenario analysis framework to a single comprehensive business scenario. The business scenario will require students to demonstrate a different combination of technical skills acquired through the technical application courses along with workplace skills such as communication; routine problem solving; personal management; teamwork and ethics.

Ethics & Workplace Skills

Course Description This foundational course introduces students to the business scenario analysis framework, which is the problem-solving approach used throughout the CPA program. The framework underscores the importance of business and accounting ethics. Other workplace skills are integrated into the course, with special attention given to communication, as students apply the framework to various scenarios …

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Intermediate Management Accounting

Course Description This course presents a comprehensive review of management accounting: cost behaviours and cost allocation methods; product pricing methods and strategies, process costing with joint, by-product and spoilage; linear programming; regression analysis; and short-term decision analysis under certainty and uncertainty.

Audit & Assurance

Course Description This course introduces students to the concepts, principles, and practical applications of auditing in the business world. The course serves the needs of students planning to enter the accounting profession, particularly those who plan to pursue auditing careers. It emphasizes the concepts and practical applications that will serve as a foundation for developing …

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