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Academic Policies

Medium of Instruction and Assessment

The medium of instruction and answer in the examination scripts shall be in English.

Duration of Semester

For each course, assessments and grading will be held on a monthly basis. The duration of one course is 1 month

Student Services

Brookes college is committed to provide support to all the student for facilitating their study and career for success. All students at Brookes College shall benefit from the following supporting services for success.

Academic Counselling

Personal academic counselling by faculty members for improving academic performance and gain advance course specific knowledge beyond the curriculum.

Career Counselling

Professional career counselling to all the students and alumni to choose career path as per qualification, personal skills, and interest. The team of career development specialist supports students for arranging relevant industry specific practicum during the course to become industry ready graduate. There is also personal assistance to the students to facilitate in job search, resume preparation and winning job interview.

International Student Facilitation

Brookes college supports all the international students by facilitating their reception on their arrival, helping them to find out suitable accommodation, orient them with community and city and providing settlement advices.


Attendance of minimum 70% is mandatory for all classes, tutorials (and labs) for which students are registered. Absences without rationality may result reduction of grades or additional supplementary assignments or additional academic work or any other penalty decided by the academic committee. The Instructor may bar the student(s) for appearing in the examination or assessment due to un-authorized absence from classes and at crucial stage of consideration when the absence is more than 15 minutes, the students may be expelled from the course(s) by the Instructor.

Student must take prior approval of their leave. In case if student is absent due to some emergency, he/she must apply for leave approval from all the respective course instructor within 1 business day of resuming to class. Students can apply for leave approval in prescribe form available at administrative office. In case, if student is unable to achieve 70% attendance in any course, he/she shall not be allowed to appear in end-semester examination.

In case if student is unable to attend class due to emergency, he/she must inform instructor/institute within 3 working days by email or by personal application. If he/she is unable to do so, institute may suspend or expel student from the college.

Course/Instructor Evaluations

Students will evaluate the course (and Instructor) at the end of their academic session. The evaluation will be in two stages. The first assessment will be done by the students who have successfully participated and passed the course. The second assessment will be done by the quality assurance team at Brookes College.

Examination/Assessment Policy

Under no circumstances are students allowed to be absent without justification during classes, assessments, and examinations. Examination/Assessments will be held at various times during the term and the schedule will communicated to all students by the Registrar.

Assessment Methods

The Examination/assessment will be divided into 3 parts as:

  • Quizzes, Assignment/Case study report
  • End of Course or Final Examination
  • Completion of Practicum or capstone project and report

Examination Conflicts

Suppose a student faces a scheduled two written examinations at the same time, in that case the student is advised to submit an Exam Conflict Form at least a week before the scheduled examination period. The Registrar will reschedule one of the conflicting examinations after consultation with the instructor(s). The student will then be informed of the details of the rescheduled examination.

Deferred Examination

Students may apply to the Office of the Registrar for deferment of examination with an Application for Deferred Final Examination stating valid reasons, such as illness, severe personal difficulty, misreading the examination schedule and travel plans. The application for a deferment should be no later than 48 hours before the scheduled examination.


A student may be expelled from appearing for the final written examination for following grounds for debarment –  

  • Failure in completion of assignments/reports for a course
  • Lack of standard percentage of attendance.

Grading System

Each of the course in program in evaluated by instructor through various components during academic terms. These evaluation components shall be communicated for each of the course in course outline / session plan at the commencement of the course. The Letter grades and corresponding grade points shall be awarded as follows:

Percentage Range

Letter Grade

Grade Points


90 – 100




85 – 89



80 – 84



77 – 79




73 – 76



70 – 72



67 – 69




63 – 66



60 – 62



55 – 59




50 – 54



Minimal Pass

0 – 49




 The special grade may be assigned to the students in different circumstances. It should be noted that these special grades are not included while calculation Grade Point Average


Diploma Requirements

To be eligible for the award of diploma, students must furnish the following requirements

  1. Completion of required credits for the program they are enrolled in by graduation cut-off date
  2. Successful completion of Practicum extending over two months by graduation cut-off date
  3. Passing all courses individually and maintaining a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2. However, students may be given a chance to improve their grades by repeating some of the courses

Academic Regulation Appeal for Failed Student

I. If a student fails to attend the examinations or earn the credits, the student will be considered to be failed. The failed student shall be allowed to rewrite the respective course/s examination after the approval of the instructor. The instructor approves the exam rewrite request after reviewing the academic progress and the reason for the failure of the student. The student can attempt the course appeal examination at no cost. If the student successfully passes the re-exam, the highest grade of the student will be added to the CGPA. If the student fails even after two attempts, the student will be asked to repeat the course with a re-enrolment fee.

II. A Student failing to earn the required Grade Points on capstone will have to resubmit the capstone report and be reconsidered by the Academic Committee.

Course Re-Enrolment

Suppose a student fails to attend a course, the student must get re-enrolled as a repeat student in the program under the recommendation of the Academic Committee. The student can repeat the course/s by paying the appropriate Course Re-Enrolment Fee (CAD $450) if the student’s registration remains valid. If the registration is invalid, then the student must re-apply for admission. The student will then need to pay the updated admission fee and meet the updated admission requirement in such cases.

Transcript Requests

Student will receive one copy of official transcript of their diploma upon graduation. However, they can request additional copies of their transcript of academic records by paying fees of $ 25 per copy of transcript. Transcripts can be given directly to the student to forward as long as the envelope containing the transcript remains unopened.

Improvement of Grades

Students obtaining a ‘D’ grade in any subject may opt to sit for an improvement examination by paying CAD$100 for each course to upgrade their marks to a maximum of B grade, whereby the latter will be added to CGPA. All Repeat/ improvement courses may be taken after completing all the courses of the students’ enrolled program, and the student (s) registration still must be valid. Students with a CGPA below 2.00 will not be considered eligible to be awarded a diploma. In such a case, they may be given a chance to improve their grades by repeating some of the courses with due payment

  1. If a student’s grade/s has improved, the word ‘Improvement and ‘the year’ of improvement examination will be indicated in their academic transcript. In case the student is unsuccessful in improving the grade then the previous grade of the same course will remain valid.
  2. A re-enrolled student shall not be allowed to improve results under any consideration
  3. A student willing to cancel their improved results and have the previous results reinstated shall apply in this respect to the Academic Director
  4. For improvement of results, a student shall apply to the Academic Director, at least a week before the start of the subsequent course examinations.
  5. Students can appear a maximum of twice per course in the improvement and repeat course examination. They must pass allthe courses (through regular / improvement / repeat examinations) within 24 months of commencement of study.

Grade Appeals

1. Informal Appeal

A student who is dissatisfied with a grade must first discuss the grade with the course instructor within 15 days of receiving the grade. If this does not resolve the matter to the student’s satisfaction, the student may wish to discuss the matter with the Program Chair. The Chair will require a copy of the instructions given to the student and the assignment or test in dispute and any other relevant materials.

2. Formal Appeal

If the student is not satisfied with the appeal to the instructor and Program Chair, the student may make a formal grade appeal.

All formal grade appeals must be made by completing a Formal Grade Appeal Request Form stating the basis of appealing the grade within 30 days of receiving the grade. The student will pay a prescribed fee for each grade appealed. This fee will be credited back to the student’s account only if the appeal results in an increase in the grade. The Registrar will notify the Dean, who will initiate for a Grade Appeal Committee comprising the Dean, the Program Chair, and a subject specialist to hear the appeal. The final grade may be raised or lowered because of the reappraisal. The Office of the Registrar will notify the student of the result in writing. All decisions taken by the Grade Appeal Committee are final.


Students will have to apply to the Registrar with an Application to Graduate by the stipulated time announced by the Academic Committee. Suppose the students fail to apply within this specified time, in that case, students will not be eligible to graduate that academic year and they must wait until the next convocation before receiving the diploma or certificate. A graduation fee (confirmed by the Registrar) will be charged for the students who have applied for graduation.

Academic Misconduct


Students are advised to abstain from plagiarism since it is a serious academic offence that involves presenting work in a course as if it were the result of one’s study and investigation. If such activities are found or detected and reported, the student will either be rusticated from the college or face any penalty decided by the college’s Disciplinary Committee.


Cheating on examinations, assignments and/or labs is also a serious academic offence and it may take a few forms, including:

  • Tampering of or attempting to tamper examination scripts, class work, grades or class records
  • Seeking or obtaining unauthorized assistance from anyone or impersonating another student during the examination
  • Falsifying or fabricating lab reports
  • Bringing illegal or unauthorized written material or electronic devices to an examination

Penalties for Academic Misconduct

A student for committing academic misconduct will have to face either a suspension, expulsion or penalties decided by the Disciplinary committee headed by the Dean. If detected, the instructor will immediately send a letter stating the particulars of the offence to the Registrar and a note will be placed in the student’s permanent file.

Academic Misconduct Appeals

A student found guilty of academic misconduct may appeal against the charge stating the misconduct or the penalty imposed to him, or both. The student may appeal in writing to the Registrar within 10 days of the decision. The Registrar afterwards will request for a meeting to hear and process the appeal.

Policy Changes and Revision

Brookes College reserves all the right to revise or change institutional policy, procedure and regulations and contents outlined in the handbook. Students will be notified of such changes individually or collectively. Any change in such policy, process, regulations, or content in the handbook shall supersede the current one with the effective date mentioned in the communication.

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