Pharmacy Assistant Diploma

Pharmacy Assistant Diploma (Upcoming program)

Brookes College’s Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program presents an exciting career path for students in the recession-resistant pharmaceutical industry. Students will gain essential knowledge of pharmaceutical services in Canada and Alberta, operations of community and institutional pharmacy operations. They will develop skills for crucial mathematical calculations, compounding, pharmacy administration with different computer applications, including MS Office and Kroll software. This diploma opens the doors to career opportunities in retail pharmacy stores; institutional pharmaceutical set up, pharmacy software vendors, etc.

Career Choices

Our Pharmacy Assistant Diploma program graduates will be prepared for employment in retail pharmacy stores, wholesale pharmaceutical distributors, medical clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical software vendors, etc., as Pharmacy Assistant.

Program Learning Outcomes

As a graduate, you will be prepared to demonstrate the ability to:

Who should apply for the Human Services Diploma?

The Pharmacy Assistant diploma program is right for you if you:

Program Highlights

Graduation Requirements:

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