As a responsible academic institution, Brookes College is committed to provide healthy working and learning environment to all the student and staff who are from different nationality, religion, gender and cultural communities we must respect diversity and individual values and belief. Brookes College strongly believe that any action that hurt individual’s dignity and respect shall be considered as Human Right Violation and immediately addressed as high priority matter. At Brookes College, each of the employees and students are oriented with Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy as per guidelines of Alberta Human Right Commission. Visit https://www.albertahumanrights.ab.ca/ for more details



The safety of each of the employees and students is topmost priority of the Brookes College. Therefore, each of the students and employees are oriented with workplace safety procedure and guidelines periodically. The staff and students are expected to comply with all the safety, rules procedures and standard including reporting of any unsafe action, process or working condition.



The Brookes College is subject to the provisions of the Personal Information Privacy Act (Alberta). No personal information about a student may be given to any organization or person, including a parent or spouse, without the student’s written authorization.

However, college may disclose academic information of students to authorized funding and sponsorship agencies for students receiving student assistance. In the case of International students, the College will disclose to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada information related to the student’s withdrawal/dismissal and attendance. The College can use students’ information any institutional research and quality assurance purpose, administrative purpose such as follow-up or payment of any dues etc or for contacting students with respect to their academic progress. Any other disclosure of the students shall be only made after consent of the student or as authorized by provincial law. Visit https://www.oipc.ab.ca/ for more information.



Students can access their up-to-date financial and academic information through their secure access to their personal portal from the website of this college. Access to a student’s record will be given in the presence of a College staff member and the student may request corrections to any part of the record believed to be incorrect. Correction requests will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Privacy Act. Visit https://www.oipc.ab.ca/ for more information.



All the students at Brookes College are required to follow the Student Code of Conduct to promote healthy learning environment. The following are major highlights of code of conduct expected from the students.

All the students are expected to follow institutional rules and regulations and provincial & Federal Laws.

All the students are expected to follow appropriate professional dress code. Any type of inappropriate attire like see-through dressing, bare-midriff shirts/blouses, low-cut, open-back clothing and extremely short dresses are not permitted. Students are expected to follow special dressing instructions of the institute during special formal events.

Students are expected to respect other students and staff of the institute and shall not indulge in any of the following:

  • Verbal or Physical Abuse with anyone,
  • Conveying any threats, harassment or discrimination in any means
  • Any form of unwanted sexual attention or contact
  • Stealing or Damaging of college property including electronic records and/or property of college or students.
  • Interference in operations of the college
  • Using cell phone in classroom without permission of instructor
  • Unauthorized entry to college or unauthorized use of any college property
  • Consumption of any of the prohibited items (including but not limited to drugs, tobacco products, alcohol etc.) in the college premises
  • Irregularity in attending classes, submitting evaluation components or attending tests/quizzes/examination and other curricular and co-curricular activities
  • Academic misconduct (including but not limited to plagiarism, cheating, supplying false information etc.) or any act of dishonesty
  • Disturbance of peace in college or at any other event organized/co-organized or supervised by college.
  • Possession of firearms, explosive or dangerous items / weapons
  • Using any of the college resources for any unlawful or unwanted activities
  • Failure of complying with the academic and financial responsibility towards college
  • Failure of complying with the any instruction provided by instructor or other staff of the college

Any violation of code of conduct shall result in disciplinary actions such as warning, probation, suspension, or expulsion from the college.



In case of any dispute or grievances, students are encouraged to resolve the matter informally through mutual understanding. However, students may opt for formal resolution process. The steps for the Student Dispute Resolution Process are as follow:

  • Students will submit an issue as complaints with a filled-up form to the office of the Registrar through online grievance form or in person. All the complaints will be kept strictly confidential and will be discussed with the concerned parties.
  • The Registrar along with the chairperson of the department will initiate the complaints or dispute within seven working days. If required, Registrar may form a committee to resolve the complaint.
  • The meeting will be organized between concern parties for further discussion and allow students to raise their concern. A Student may have an another individual to speak on his/her behalf with prior permission. A subsequent meeting(s) can be scheduled if matter is not resolved in initial meeting.
  • The concerned chairperson of department or chairperson of committee submit their written report to the Registrar and the student will be notified by registrar office about resolution.

The students are encouraged to address their concerns immediately before a minor problem turns into a major one.



Operational Timing

The administrative and academic hours of operations of Brookes college are as follow under normal circumstances. However, it can be modified keeping in mind some exceptional cases like sever weather conditions, etc.

Administrative Time                               : 08.30 AM to 05.00 PM (Monday to Friday)

Academic / Instructional Time            : 09.00 am to 09.00 pm


Brookes college observes all the statutory holidays as per Alberta Provincial Guidelines.

Course & Session Schedule

Brookes College will make all efforts to schedule course registration in respective term and organize classes to accommodate requirement of the groups in class. However, the session schedules and course registration plan published by college must be followed. Brookes college reserves all right to modify the schedule of course registration and sessions for courses.

 Food & Beverage

Food and Beverages are strictly not permitted in the classroom. However, selected container and food can be permitted with prior permission with conditions.


Any form of smoking is strictly prohibited in college premises and at any event organized by college at other premises.


Brookes college is committed to provide secure learning environment to all its students and staff. To ensure security, all the instructional, administrative, and common area of the campus are under CCTV surveillance. All the students are expected to complete safety training during orientation program and always carry their College and Provincial ID Card with them. Any type of suspicious activities should be immediately reported to the staff member. College will permit visitors in common area during specific time.

Study Permit:

All the international students must apply for study permit through Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship (IRCC) Canada. Please visit www.cic.gc.ca for more information.

Work Permit:

As an International Student, your spouse/common law partner is eligible for work permit and hence work while in Canada. Please note that a student graduating from Brookes College is not eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) at this time. For detail up-to-date information visit www.cic.gc.ca


Policy Change and Revision

Brookes college reserves all the right to revise and/or change institutional policy, procedure and regulations and contents outlined in Handbook. Students will be notified of such changes individually or collectively. Any change in such policy, procedure, regulations, or content in handbook shall supersede the current one with effective date mentioned in communication.


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