COVID -19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 Safety Plan. Brookes College has designed a plan for safe operations of its academic and administrative activities at its campus including guidelines for incoming international students to Brookes College.

This plan is designed to work in line with Federal and Provincial guidelines on Covid-19 pandemic. Brookes College will provide regular updates to this plan in accordance with federal and provincial regulations.

Our safety planning is intended to provide a secure environment for all our students, employees, visitors, and other stakeholders. It has two main components:

  1. Protocols for International Students
  2. Protocols for Campus Operations

Protocol for International Students

Brookes College will be in regular contact with all enrolled international students and provide necessary guidance before and during their journey to Canada as well as the protocols for their arrival in Canada, 14 Days self-quarantine period and their daily reporting to the College during and after self-quarantine period.

Please click here for a list of facilities available for self isolation.


Every student enrolled at Brookes College must complete online training module on COVID-19 safety measures exclusively designed for international students before their arrival. Online training module includes:

  • Federal, Provincial and City Public Health Guidelines and Regulations during COVID-19
  • Preparing for additional documents and other requirements during COVID-19 for travelling to Canada
  • Introducing ArriveCan mobile app
  • Baggage Packing Instructions for travelling during Covid-19
  • Details about mandatory 14 Days Self Quarantine requirement and College’s optional package
  • Details about COVID-19 testing process for 14 Days Self Quarantine
  • Process to follow in case of COVID-19 test is positive after arrival
  • Information about submission of self-monitoring reports and declarations during their Days Self Quarantine period and while they commence their studies.

Each of the enrolled students must submit their declaration about understanding of COVID-19 guidelines as well as 14 days Self Quarantine Plan before their arrival. Brookes College offer optional 14 Days Self Quarantine package covering Airport Pick Up, Accommodation and food arrangement for 14 Days Self Quarantine period and arrangement for their COVID-19 testing at Calgary after their arrival.

Arrival in Calgary

All the enrolled students at Brookes College will attend mandatory online training on what to expect on arrival at Calgary airport including updates in ArriveCan app. Brookes College can arrange travel from Calgary Airport to a designated place for 14 Days Self Quarantine [optional. Please call (403)800-6613]. The student may also make private arrangements and inform the college of such plans. Each of the student must submit their arrival form as soon as they get to the location for 14 Days Self Quarantine.

14 Days Self Quarantine Period

Brookes College will be in touch with students during this 14 Days Self Quarantine Period. During this period students must submit:

  1. Daily Online Self-Assessment Form
  2. Detail about Appointment for Covid-19 test in Calgary
  3. Covid-19 Test result

All the students are also required to follow updates on ArriveCan app. The officials at Brookes college will be in touch with all the incoming international students for 14 Days Self Quarantine Period by daily follow up call. Brookes College will facilitate medical and health advice in case of positive COVID-19 result.

Post 14 Days Quarantine Period

Students are expected to join their program at the college (virtual / in-person classes). Brookes College is prepared with all the resources required for the best virtual and/or blended learning experience with its world class LMS system, virtual class-room platforms and online testing platforms for quizzes and examinations. Every student must submit online declaration of their fitness before arrival and adhere to college guidelines for ensuring safety like wearing face mask, maintaining physical distancing, allowing college staff to measure temperatures, etc. in case of classroom sessions. They are also expected to immediately report any symptoms of COVID-19 at the earliest possible time. Brookes College will facilitate medical and health advice in case of positive COVID-19 result.

Protocol for Campus Operations

Brookes College has adopted extended safety measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 for safety of its employees, students, and visitors during this unprecedented pandemic time. These safety measures include:

  • Preparedness for Virtual Education
  • Training and regular periodical evaluation
  • Entry Protocol on Campus
  • PPEs / Self Protective Equipment
  • Physical Distancing Protocols
  • Installation Shield / Barriers
  • Covid-19 Signages
  • Occupancy Limit
  • Hand-Hygiene Protocol
  • House Keeping Protocol
  • First Aid Kit and Mental Health Support
  • Safe Practice Audit

Preparedness for Virtual Education

Brookes College have adopted online educational technologies to facilitate teaching learning process with flexibility since inception. We use a world class Learning Management System and equipped to conduct instructor led virtual classes with Zoom and Google Team packages as well as proctored examinations when required.

Training and regular periodical evaluation

Brookes college has developed an online training module for students and staff members providing good understanding of COVID-19 its symptoms, spread, workplace safety measures, public health safety measures, housekeeping, hygiene, and sanitation guidelines. All the enrolled international students must undergo the online training program containing guidelines for their pre-arrival, arrival, and mandatory self-quarantine period post-arrival. Each of the students and staff is required to pass this training with 80%. Brookes College will send notification about updates in training contents for continuous evaluation of COVID-19 19 safety measures.

Entry Protocol in Campus

Brookes College adheres strictly to face-covering protocols for everyone on campus in accordance with public health guidelines. Furthermore, body temperature is checked for each of the staff members, students, and visitors before entering our premises. All the staff and students must submit online daily Self-Assessment declaration before they enter the campus. Brookes College will maintain register of all the visitors to its campus as well as staff and students.

PPEs / Self Protective equipment

Brookes College maintain required stock of PPEs such as Disposable Medical Face Masks, Face Shields, and disposable hand gloves as well infra-red thermometers to ensure safety of all the visitors including staff and students.

Physical Distancing

Brookes college has implemented physical distancing protocols in its campus. It has made all conscious efforts to minimize close contact by encouraging virtual meeting and remote collaborative working amongst staff, students, and visitors. It also have stick footmarks, signages and occupancy limit at common areas in campus.

Installation of Shield / Barriers

We have also installed physical barriers wherever required at all the possible close contact points (such as reception desk) to ensure safety within campus.

COVID-19 Signages

Brookes college has relevant signages at all the prominent locations such as common areas, washrooms, classrooms, etc.  to ensure safety of staff, students and visitors.

Maintaining Occupancy Limit

Brookes college has enforced occupancy limit issued periodically by Alberta Government by advising visitors to come with prior appointment and by encouraging virtual meeting for students counselling, interviewing and contact with service providers.

Hand-Hygiene Protocol

Brookes college follows strict and rigorous hand hygiene protocol for safety. It ensures adequate supply for hand sanitizers and hand washing soaps. It encourages all the visitors to use hand sanitizer when they enter the campus. Further, a number of hand sanitizing stations available on campus such as entry points, classrooms, reception and on desk of staff members. Each of the staff and student is encouraged to follow correct hand hygiene practice with signages and training.

House Keeping Protocol

Brookes College ensure safety by adopting enhanced housekeeping measures by disinfecting all the common touch points and surfaces in common areas such as reception, classrooms, washrooms etc. daily. Staff are instructed to disinfect their workstation including accessories like computers and phone every day before they leave. Instructors are also encouraged to ensure regular cleanliness in classroom before they conclude their sessions. Brookes College have required stock supplies of all the approved disinfectants, wipes, and sanitizers.

Medical and Mental Health Support

Brookes College have first aid kit with adequate supply of PPEs in campus. It advises all the staff and students with COVID-19 status in accessing government medical support system. It also provides resources to its staff and students to cope up with mental health issues like anxiety and depressions due to pandemic.

Safe Practice Audit

Brookes College has appointed staff, who is responsible for periodic audit for ensuring all the extended safe practices on campus is adhered to. The staff reports directly to the President of Brookes College

International Student Safe Travel and Arrival Training

Please click here for free training module

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