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How to Become an Accounting Technician in 2021

How to Become an Accounting Technician in 2021. The growing demand for accounting technicians is higher than ever before especially because of economic downturn caused by COVID-19. So, are you interested in becoming an accounting technician and considering opening a career path in accountancy?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place to get all the information about accounting technician courses available in Canada. Did you know it is important to find accredited accounting courses to become an accounting technician in 2021 and be on your way to becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?

Difference Between Bookkeepers and Accountant

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about becoming an accounting technician in 2021 including top colleges for accounting and all the study alternatives available for you.

Who is an Accounting Technician or Bookkeeper?

An accounting technician or bookkeeper is a qualified accounting professional who performs accounting duties and responsibilities in finance including all the financial matters and tasks in almost every company. Accounting technicians will support the accountants in the company or organization by carrying out all the needed tasks and responsibilities in accounting.

How to Become an Accounting Technician in 2021

Accounting technicians can be working in private companies, the public, and nonprofit organizations. With the right qualifications and experience as an accounting technician, you can become self-employed and start your own business or be successful in higher positions in companies.

What does an accounting technician do?

Accounting technicians have the responsibility of performing many accounting tasks such as bookkeeping, preparing accounting reports, preparing budget reports, preparing bank reconciliations, checking, and preparing financial statements.

What does an accounting technician do?

The accountant is also involved in auditing internal and external accounts of the company, preparing tax accounts, arranging payments, checking accounts transactions and many more tasks needed by the finance department of the company.

Career opportunities available for accounting technicians

Are you wondering about the career opportunities you can receive after following the right diploma in business accounting and being qualified as an accounting technician?

Well. Many career opportunities are available, and it can also give you the in-road to many professions in various industries when you become a certified accounting technician.  


You might be thinking about which careers have a higher demand in accountancy. Some career opportunities are accounting assistants and technicians, accountants, accounts payable and receivable manager, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, general accounting co-coordinator, small business accountant, office manager, payroll administrator and payroll accountant, self-employed business owner. When you graduate from the study of accountancy business and management, you will get many opportunities and benefits. We will now explore the benefits of becoming an accounting technician.

Benefits of becoming an Accounting Technician

So, now you know all the required information about accounting technicians and all the career opportunities available for you. We will now explore and find out all the benefits and advantages of becoming an accounting technician.

  • Get a career opportunity and earn higher salaries

As you already know the entire career and job opportunities available for an accounting technician, you can earn and make money by working as an accountant. The pay range for accounting technicians in Canada and all over the world is competitive. This is a major benefit of becoming an accounting technician.

  • Getting the knowledge and abilities to become an entrepreneur and start your own business

When you have the knowledge of accountancy and especially when you get an accredited Diploma qualification in accounting, you can easily start up a business and become an entrepreneur. You not only get financial knowledge but also the extensive business management skills when you find the right college to study. You can earn good income and be successful in your chosen market niche by starting up a business.

  • Having a better understanding of finance and improve your career life in a company

With an accredited accounting technician qualification, you will have a better understanding of finance and improve your career prospects in your job. You will improve your career advancement possibilities in the company and get into higher finance positions in leading companies in the country and abroad.

  • Opportunity to work in any industry

Accounting technicians can work in any sector of the economy including private, public, and nonprofit organizations. They can get accounting positions in all businesses and companies such as banks, insurance companies, manufacturing companies and other industries. They can also get jobs in charities, local government departments and the federal government departments such as Canada Revenue Agency, Immigrations and Citizenship Canada and many more.

How do you become an Accounting Technician in 2021? What are the study choices available for you?

So, how do you become an accounting technician and wondering the study options available for you? Well, many study options are available in Canada to become accounting technicians, but you should ensure you make the right decision on getting a good educational institute.

Getting a good post-secondary education is the first step in your journey. You should examine the curriculum of the college to ensure the training meets the minimum requirement for Accounting Technician training that is all encompassing including payroll. Be mindful of training programs offering training just for payroll management.

Therefore, invest your time, money, and efforts to become an accounting technician with accredited accounting courses available from top colleges for accounting.

We, at Brookes College, offer you a Business Administration Diploma – Accounting Specialization.

Outline of the Business Administration Diploma – Accounting Specialization

Program Highlights 

This program focuses on the career knowledge and skills that students will need to navigate today’s ever-changing business world. Courses are subdivided into Core, Technical, and Applied knowledge areas. We also highlight the business application of knowledge gained – workplace skills, teamwork, and other professional skills. The Accounting Diploma program provides applied accounting and finance skills necessary to improve career prospects in accounting and finance. You will take part in a field-related 200-hour practicum where you can put your training into practice and graduate with experience, skills, and confidence.

Program Duration 

  • 58 weeks. This is an accelerated program; students will complete their program
  • in one year instead of two years.
  • 23 courses (Including monthly seminars) and a capstone project.
  • 200 hours of practicum experience (including seminars).
  • Professional seminars in-built into your courses.
  • This course prepares students for one of the fastest-growing careers in Canada.
  • We have morning, evening, and weekend options.

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